How it Works?

OBizHub apps is different because we designed our 5 apps to seamlessly communicate with each other. The main goal is of course to bring you more income, by making workflow efficiency. All of this are done without compromise on intuitive design and (customers, staffs, and restaurant owners) user experience.

You can manage and create your own restaurant app, for FREE, we just need to verify that you are the owner of the restaurant.

All in One Solution

"Full digital solution for your Restaurant"

OBizHub User Application

"First, we eat with our eyes."

This is the guiding motto that we lived by. Nothing beats a full dish presentation, so we did the next best thing. Each dish has the option for food photography, side dishes, additional add-ons, removable ingredients (allergens) and special instructions. It can all be custom configured by the restaurant owner in our OBizHub Control Center.

Your customers will be notified instantly the second you press the button that their food is ready. The app will notify them on their phone or smart watch if applicable.

Your restaurant will now have cutting edge technology. 

Short answer is everything. To be more specific, owners can set:

  • Prices
  • Add-ons
  • Removable ingredients
  • Limited quantity
  • Special instructions


Additional specifications:

  • Allowed or not allowed for to-go (think alcoholic drinks)
  • Station that prepares it (Bar, grill, desert station)
  • Time – Brunch, dinner, happy hour


And more. Please contact us if and let us show you that no matter what type of restaurant you have, we can customize it to fit your needs.

Apple pay or Google pay.

Security is in the forefront of our design. Your customers will have a peace of mind knowing that we do not store sensitive information.

We use Stripe as the payment gateway- payments can be instant or between 2-4 days.

Yes! We designed the app so that you can offer Contactless Curbside pickup.

Please make sure that you have a dedicated parking space for this to work. 

Owners have full control on whether they want to have this feature available or not. You can choose to have:

  • Curbside pickup – Bring order to designated curbside parking space
  • Counter pickup – assisted by front desk/hostess/expediter
  • Self Service Counter pickup –  Set aside a counter/table where customers can pickup their food based on honesty

Yes! First, congratulations on a successful lunch/dinner rush! If you find that your restaurant does not have enough resources to sustain incoming orders, you can simply turn off ordering. This configuration will take no more than 2 minutes. Afterwards customers will not be able to send orders from the app.

We have worked closely with restaurant owners and chefs to make this easy to use.

OBizHub User App


Swipe Left

Swipe up
to view options

Table Side Ordering

View All Table
Order notification on
each tabler number

Organized Menu
Select from left

Thumbnail view of dishes
Server Controls
Send orders to Kitchen
Notified - Food is Ready

Tableside Ordering

Guest experience should be the number one priority of your servers. Whether that is serving them as quickly as possible, interacting with them, or showing your guest how food photograph. The app is designed to hit all the marks that can elevate your service.

Your servers will be able to take orders on the table besides the customers:

  • Your restaurant will look and feel modern. 
  • Minimize mistakes and give your servers more time to interact with your guest for a better guest experience.
  • Show your customers pictures- don’t just tell them about it.
  • Send orders to the kitchen directly from the tablet. Quicker service overall.
  • Visual notification for servers the second the dishes are ready to be served.
  • Print receipts wirelessly from tablet for checkout. Split checks handled in the app.
  • Efficient and fast. Eliminates the need to return to POS terminal so that servers can serve the next table immediately.

All of the above is designed to have an elevated guest experience. It also happens to have the side effect of:

  • Faster and better table turnaround time. 
  • Effectively, you can have more customers due to faster turnaround time

Some restaurants have 2 or 3 waiters and some have as many as 20. As long as each server has a tablet, there are no limits to how many you can have. 

This app is optional. The only required app for the solution is the Control Center and POS. 

The POS also includes the functionality of Table Side Ordering app.

However, there is no extra charge for using it. 

Chef's Dashboard

There is no restaurant without your chef. So we created a simple app that is easy to use.

Read -> Prepare -> Click Done.

When your servers take an order on the Tableside Ordering App and send the order to the kitchen, it is automatically sent to the assigned station for that item. The chef at that station receives the ticket and all of its specifications, prepares it, and hits “All Done.” This notifies the expediter that the item is ready.

The expediter can choose whether to send the item to the server or to wait until other items are ready. 

The app is designed for this exact scenario. Common prep stations:

  • Bar
  • Sushi Station
  • Wok station
  • Grill Area
  • Desert station

We have worked closely with chefs to perfect the functionality of our app. Each station will only see the respective dish that they need to prepare. Example:

Table 3’s order:

  • Beer and martini  → Bar
  • 2 medium rare steaks → Grill Area
  • 1 house special Stir Fry, no shrimp → Wok station

As chefs finish prepping the dish, dishes are brought to a central location- Your Expediter (POS). The Expediter then makes the decision of sending food one by one, or wait to serve multiple items together.  

This app is optional. The only required app for the solution is the Control Center and POS. 

The POS also includes the functionality of Chef’s Dashboard app.

However, there is no extra charge for using it.

As long as the order is made through the Tableside Ordering app or the mobile app, the chef will automatically receive the ticket. It will be specified in the ticket that the order is meant for to-go or pickup. The expediter will also receive these details and can place them accordingly.

Chef's Dashboard

POS System Application

Simple and Intuitive
Tableside Orders
App Orders
Call in orders
Orders through the app goes here
Take orders from phone calls
Notifies you when Curbside Pickup is requested

POS System Application

Your central console for day to day operation. You can oversee the whole restaurant from this app.

This functions as your Expeditor station also. The Expediter can choose when orders are served and in what order, pack to-go orders, and notify customers when their orders are ready for pickup.

No problem! As long as you have the POS System App, you have the total functionality of both the Tableside Ordering App and Chef’s Dashboard app. 

Yes you can! 

If you have a separate expediter and front desk, it is recommended that each should have one.

In a really big operation, where physical distance is quite far, we recommend that each location should have one.

For example:

  • Pool Area Bar
  • Patio Sitting
  • Inside Dining
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Front Desk

We all know that guests can change their mind, or their order, at any moment. 

  • If the order has NOT been sent to the kitchen yet, it can be easily modified.
  • If the order has been sent to the kitchen, the ticket must be voided. It can then be recreated with the changes.  


You will have notifications when customers order from OBizHub User App.

You will also get notified if the customer requests “Curbside Pickup” from OBizHub User App.

Control Center

This app allows you to customize everything about your restaurant app. It's easy to use and we provide 24/7 support.

No need to code and no programming engineers required. You can do everything from your smartphone and see your changes instantly!

We developed this app with our users in mind. In our effort to make everything user friendly and easy to use, we worked closely with several chefs, restaurant owners, and even elementary children.

We are pleased to say that it could not be any easier to create your own app!

The main idea is to modernize restaurants from inside and out to create an experience for guests that feels “High Tech” without the cost of high tech. With one app, you get all of the following: 

Outside Ordering:

  •  OBizHub App – A mobile ordering app that you own and control. All orders from this app are sent directly to kitchen. Push notifications are sent to and from the POS.

Inside Ordering:

  • Point Of Sale System – A must have for every restaurant
  • Tableside Ordering App (Optional) – Used by waiters to serve customers
  • Chef’s Dashboard App (Optional) – A simple no frill, no nonsense, app for the kitchen

Control Center App – This is where you configure everything– without calling programmers only to be put on hold for several minutes. You can instantly makes any changes to:

  • Set hours of operation
  • Create and configure dishes
    • Upload pictures
    • Price
    • Side Dishes
    • Removable ingredients
    • Limited Quantity
    • Allow Ordering through App
    • and more
  • Create Menu
    • Tabs for Menu – Drinks, Salad, Pasta, etc
    • Set Special Item
    • Set Featured Item – Will be developed to give notification to interested customers
  • Set Restaurant Profile
    • Restaurant Logo
    • Specialty – Pizza, Burger, Sushi, etc
    • Address – Launches map apps
    • Phone number – Opens phone dialer when clicked
    • Basically check what your customers will see
  • Business Account Information
    • Sales Report
    • Activity
    • Discount code


Other apps only have either POS or just the App with less features. They also cost a lot more for a fraction of the features. Contact us for our pricing options and discounts. 

There are more settings that can be configured. We are also open to suggestions or feature requests, just gives us a call.

Changes takes effect Immediately.

We do recommend that you follow “Best Practices”, like configure changes to price changes before/after open. 


Thank you so much for your interest.

Fill out the form here or navigate to the “Contact Us” tab to get started. 

You will receive an initial email instantly with the following information. Once we complete the initial meeting, we will discuss Steps 2-7 to successfully launch your app. This entire process from start to finish will only take 15-30 days. 

Step 1: Set up a Meeting
Click on the button below to schedule a time and date for a meeting to discuss or demo OBizHub app. We highly encourage you to ask us any question or concerns.

Scheduling – To be sent on email after you fill up the form

Step 2: Check Out Your Proposal
Your proposal is where you’ll find your contract, invoice, and documents all in one place! 

Step 3: Select a Package and Add-Ons
Within the proposal are options for you to choose what you want to be included in your setup.

Step 4: Sign the Contract & Pay the Retainer
Once you’ve selected your packages sign the contract, pay the 50% retainer to lock in your setup.

Step 5: Setup Date
Don’t worry, we will do the full setup of your restaurant, we just need name of your dish/description/side dishes/food photograph/etc. The setup will take anywhere from 7-15 days and we will make sure everything is set on your specification. We will of course train you too, if you want to do some changes yourself (our app is very intuitive and easy to understand).

Step 6: Deployment day
Once you are happy with the setup, you can now use the app. The last part that we have to test is a transaction, to make sure that you receive funds on orders through the app. 

Step 7: Your restaurant app is LIVE!

Control Center

We are looking for BETA Testers!

We just want feedback.

Free for 6 months. Full System setup. Engineering team are standing by.