Modern restaurant POS with a fully integrated Mobile Ordering App

We provide solution that takes care of your customers inside and outside your restaurant

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Tools For Your Success

OBizHub is your complete restaurant management, point-of-sales, and marketing platform. We offer a suite of apps that all sync in real-time, controlled by an easy-to-use backend interface.

OBizHub User Application

What your customers will use. They can find your restaurant, browse the menu, make purchases, bookmark your place, and leave reviews.

Tableside Ordering

Servers will do the ordering on a tablet


No more paper (and less mistakes). Your digital kitchen area ticket interface.


The OBizHub ecosystem lets you take to-go orders and use it for inside dining. All within one interface.


Manage everything from here. The menu, prices, inventory, operations, reports, staff, and more.

Why do you need an app for your restaurant?

First we eat with our eyes. That is the same direction we took on designing an app for your restaurant.

Second, You have to be where you're customers are. Since everyone have a smart phone, it only makes sense that your restaurant should have a presence on their phone too.

Takeout and delivery are winners among diners


want restaurants to keep offering takeout and delivery after the pandemic ends.

Contactless seems to be the way of the future


want restaurants to keep offering contactless pay,ordering, or menus.

Virtual experience are still gaining adoption


don’t know if they want restaurant to keep or stop offering virtual cooking classes or events.



Modernize Your Service

Upgrade and update your restaurant with simple to use technology using our
next generation Point of Sale System and Mobile Ordering App

OBizHub Mobile Ordering App

Order online or inside the dining room

Skip the waiting line

Photos within the menu

Phone and smart watch push notifications

Secure payments through Apple or Google Pay

Contactless curbside pickup support

Be seen online. Free exposure!

Tableside Ordering App

Faster turnaround at the table means more people you can serve. This equals more revenue for you. And happier guests.

Display high-quality photos of dishes to your guests. No more returned plates because “it’s not what I pictured.”

Fast access to allergen information. No need to run back and ask the chef if there are peanuts in the sauce.

Server controls when and how food is served

Get alerts when food is ready

Split checks with ease

Chef's Dashboard

Apps quickly talk back and forth to the kitchen

Saves the server's time - "is the food ready?"

Customized stations (bar, sushi, salad, grill, etc.)

Straightforward. Press "done" when done​

Point of Sales System

Overview of the entire OBizHub suite in this simple to use app

Contains both Tableside Ordering and Chef's Dashboard App

No need to buy costly, exclusive hardware. Use your own iPad or Android tablet

Transform this into Expediter App/Front Desk App for big operation

Gets notified if someone request curbside pickup

Control Center App

Create/Customize/Configure your restaurant app - All from your smartphone!

We'll complete your initial set up and provide training

No programming required. Very easy learning curve. Full support if needed

Data secured and stored with Google

Sales analytics and history - view revenue and detailed reports on best and worst sellers

Manage your restaurant anywhere with an internet connection

Works with iOS and Android phones and tablets